Art and design photography at the “Salone del Mobile”. The new book by Paolo Grassi

Art photography in the new volume on the exhibition held at the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan at the Flexform exhibition space, the leading Italian design brand.

Milan, May 4, 2018. The book contains the reproduction of part of the works “Da fuoco e acqua”, present in the volumes “Architecture of photography” and “MIA Photo Fair 2018”, realized by means of manual printing in resin-pigmentype ( derived from the resinotypy), technique that allows to highlight the essence and the materiality and allows to obtain unique non-reproducible specimens.

As stated by Paolo Grassi himself:
“The combination design-photography for me was born in a way I would say almost” forced “since I am a training architect. In my works, as in the works of design, the form is born from the synthesis of the real. The framed object, like the one designed by the designer, is brought back to its pure form, to its essential lines through a continuous e-levare. ”
The art photographs shown in the book are characterized by essential images obtained with a process of removing the superfluous, according to the principle with which Michelangelo performed his works.
The photos presented at the exhibition treated subjects of architecture with shots taken in the United States, France and Spain, but in the volume we also find a series of images taken in abandoned spaces of industrial archeology.

The works have been recently printed with an eco-friendley process that uses natural materials such as water, watercolor paper, carbon black pigment (produced by burning wood), hence the name given to the project “From fire and water “.

The artist has recently exhibited at the MIA Photo Fair, the exhibition dedicated to art photography, where he obtained an excellent response from the public. The numerous visitors particularly appreciated the quality and depth of the images produced by the innovative printing method.

Maurizio Paolo Grassi is an Italian photographer and architect, born in Tuscany in 1961.

In the ’70s began an artistic journey that uses photographic language as a research tool.

Volume features::
Title: Fotografia d’arte & Design. Salone del Mobile Milano.
Authr: Paolo Grassi
ISBN 9788828315629
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