Rulingo Company has released a unique online solution for automating small translation agencies

Rulingo makes it possible to process translation orders in a unified online system that automates up to 50% of routine management work and frees time for finding new clients. The solution is designed for small translation agencies: it is easy to deploy and comes at an affordable price.

The Rulingo company announces the release of a solution under the same name for automating the business activities of small translation agencies. Rulingo makes it possible to manage the business activities of a translation agency in a unified online system automating up to 50% of routine management work. Managers can spend this time on finding new clients — a vitally important task for new agencies.

As a rule, small translation agencies manage their business manually via e-mail, which is extremely inefficient in terms of time. At the same time, they do not use special software because of its high price and technically complicated deployment. Rulingo is a fundamentally different solution, it offers the optimal set of features at an affordable price and does not take long to configure. In less than an hour, a small translation agency can create and launch its online portal integrated into the agency’s website. If there is no website yet, it is possible to get it up and running in just 15 minutes with Rulingo.

How does Rulingo work?

An agency opens its online portal with personal accounts for managers, clients, translators. Clients place orders for translation using the handy website widget or their personal accounts and managers assigns orders to translators. Both managers and clients can monitor the statuses of orders in real time. The intuitive interface makes it possible to start working without any special staff training.

How exactly does Rulingo take the load off managers? First, all orders are processed in a unified system and the administrator or any other manager can “take over” orders to save time spent on processing them. Second, if a client places an order via the website widget or in the personal account, all the manager has to do is estimate its cost and start it via the online order management form. Using this form, the manager can contact both the client and the translator keeping the entire history of the communication.

Key advantages of Rulingo:

– quick deployment and minimum configuration within just an hour;
– a small cost affordable for new companies;
– the automation of up to 50% of routine management tasks, which results in saving up to 180,000 roubles annually in salaries per manager;
– more productive management with more effort and time spent on finding new clients;
– monitoring the statuses of orders in real time in your personal account;
– managing orders, clients and finances through unified online system that minimizes the human factor effect;
– maintaining customer loyalty through the comfortable interface;
– functioning as a cloud-based system — access at any time from any devices;
– as a result of the above — the increased revenue of your translation agency.

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